Thursday, June 6, 2013

Creating a new blog

Marilyn Monroe
Hey everyone!

I'm currently working on a brand new blog that will focus primarily on classic film and film book reviews. I plan on pulling classic film content I currently have existing on this site and bring it over to my new one, along with creating new content along the way.

I'm really excited about this new project.

As much as I enjoy reviewing the latest movies in theatres, I find my real passion lies with classic film and I think that creating a new blog that focuses solely on movies prior to 1975 will enable me to watch even more of the stuff that I'm truly interested in.

I've had this little blog since 2009 and some of you have been following me for all four years that I've had this thing up and running -- which I greatly, greatly appreciate.

I'll keep you posted on the launch of my new blog. In the meantime, it's unlikely that I will be updating this one anymore. My energy will be focused solely on the new blog and deciding which content to bring over from here.

However, I'm currently a twice-weekly contributor at Pretty Clever Films and an occasional volunteer film critic at Next Projection. So I may bump into you over there!

I will still continue to keep myself updated on everything the rest of you are writing about and I look forward to catching up again in the near future!

Thanks again, everyone!

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