Tuesday, August 24, 2010

30 Day Movie Meme: Day 8

When I watch films at home I tend to fast-forward opening credits. There are some exceptions to the case, though. When a director makes a statement, either visually or in terms or story or character, I will stop and take notice and watch the credits every. single. time.

Some of my favourite opening credits are:

-A Clockwork Orange (1971) for scaring the shit out of me and being perfectly Kubrickian. Malcolm McDowell + a glass of milk = evil
-Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962) for managing to put a car crash and a cracked glass doll into the same sequence
-Psycho (1960) for its score and the fact that it was ahead-of-its time
-Ed Wood (1994) because it couldn't be more Ed Wood if it wanted to be
-Amelie (2001) for its whimsical introduction of its heroine as a young child
-Se7en (1995) for its success in setting up the dark, ominous tone of the film
-Catch Me If You Can (2002) for animating the adventures of the anti-hero at the centre of the story
-Watchmen (2009) for simply being awesome and integrating actual historical footage into the sequence with Bob Dylan on the soundtrack

Sometimes, though, it's simply just a matter of "less is more". One of my favourite opening credits is Fargo (1996). Bright blue sky. Dead of winter. White snow. A car passing the camera's frame. The word Fargo in black against a screen of blue. Perfect choice of music. And, so starts the Coen Brothers masterpiece.

Some of my favourite closing credits are (although there aren't as many):

-Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004) for its wonderful, old-school animation that makes you wish the film itself had been filmed that way

-Moulin Rouge! (2001) from being all overly melodramatic
-The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994) for featuring a drag queen lip-synching to Vanessa Williams and being a perfect conclusion to an outlandish little film


  1. Some of my favorite opening credits include VOLVER, TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD (and its descendent ALMOST FAMOUS), SUPERBAD, and the always delightful ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW.

    For closing credits I actually found myself impressed by the title cards that followed the recent ROBIN HOOD film...though like you, I have a tougher time listing my favorite endings.

  2. The only ones here I've seen are Moulin Rouge and Lemony Snicket. I don't remember LS but I LOVE the MR credits! I enjoy credits that have sort of a curtain call as well. Chicago is a film that did this.

  3. Mad Hatter:
    To Kill A Mockingbird! I cannot believe I forgot to mention that one! I haven't seen Volver, so I'll see if the credits are available on YouTube.

    End credits are definitely harder because they are usual the traditional white credits on a black background. However, the Robin Hood one was very cool but they were IDENTICAL to that new miniseries Pillars of the Earth so I couldn't tell if they were by the same guy or one of them ripped off the other.

    The Lemony Snicket credits used to be up on YouTube, but they were taken down. They were always incredibly memorable to me.